Seacon’s SWAM project and it’s services are in the B2B session

The WINNing Days - Water Innovation Networking days
On Tuesday the 14th of June 2022, France Water Team, Water Alliance and ZINNAE organize the next edition of the WINNing Days. ...

The WINNing Days 2022
2022. 06. 14.

Hungarian farmers are becoming more and more open to high-tech developments for efficiency.

The Conference entitled Smart Agriculture and Digitized Food Industry was held by the iFood Food Cluster, the innomine DIH and the National Agricultur ...

Smart agriculture, digitized food industry
2022. 06. 02.

Between 25 and 26 May 2022 a unique showcase and competition of Hungarian IoT solutions, the Yettel IoT Live Show was organized with expanded professional content. The founder and main organizer of the event was MOHAnet Mobilsystems Co.Ltd, a co ...

Yettel IOT Live Show 2022
2022. 05. 30.

Date: 3rd of June 2022. 11:00-12:30 CET

Challenges and opportunities of the Hungarian aquaculture

Online event

The first SmartGeoFish webinar will be held on June 3, 2022, with the aim of presenting the main challenges and development o ...

SmartGeoFish webinar
2022. 05. 13.

Are farmers taking advantage of the potential of digitization?

The Conference entitled Smart Agriculture and Digitized Food Industry will be held by the iFood Food Cluster, the innomine DIH and the National Agricultural Chamber on the Kaposvá ...

Agriculture and digitization
2022. 05. 11.

IFAT 2022: World fair for water, sewage, waste and raw materials management

Messe München: 30th of May 2022 – 3rd of June 2022

From 30 May to 3 June 2022, the IFAT International Trade Fair for Water, Wastewater, Waste and Raw Materials Man ...

Sensor2Net and SWAM at the IFAT trade fair in Munich
2022. 05. 09.

MaVíz Informatics - Human Policy Conference

Every year, the Hungarian Water Utilities Association organizes about 30 national professional events, conferences, meetings, celebrations, exhibitions and other events, which are occasionally atten ...

Water Industry 4.0 and the SWAM
2022. 04. 14.

The I4MS Third Brokerage Event is just around the corner!


I4MS is the EU initiative to digitalise the manufacturing industry. It aims at accelerating the uptake of digital technologies and one of it beneficiaries is the DigiNussInfo ...

I4MS Brokering Event is coming
2022. 04. 01.

Seacon Europe at the stand M2

IOT Live Show 2022

There is a growing need to make the origin of food and the history of processing transparent along the slogan "farm to fork". Farmers, food producers and other logistics actors need to come ...

Yettel IOT Live Show 2022
2022. 03. 22.

Seacon’s Museion project is in the B2B session.

On-line and on-site meetings at the fair Holiday World&Regional World in Prague


The third edition of the Matchmaking Business Meetings (MBM) Tourism Prague is organised in ...

MBM Tourism Prague 2022 Event
2022. 03. 07.

SmartGeoFish for the intensive aquaculture

The SmartAgriHubs Open Call international team informed the Hungarian consortium that the common proposal of companies Campden BRI, Geofish and Seacon Europe has been selected for support within Smar ...

SmartAgriHubs funding
2021. 12. 10.

Seacon’s projects in the B2B session.

Horizon Europe Cluster 5 Climate, Energy, and Mobility International Networking Event.

The International Networking Event organised by the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turke ...

Horizon Europe Cluster 5 Event
2021. 10. 18.

QST is in the Europian board

Bionuss and Innoskart DIH were selected to implement an innovative experiment using the QST solution.

DIH-World Open call Team selected the DigiNussInfo proposal for funding.

DIH-World is looking f ...

QST is in the Europian board
2021. 09. 15.

Hungarian businesses working together for water

When professional and IT knowledge meet, they must produce something significant. The same conclusion was reached by Waterscope Zrt. and Seacon Europe Kft. when the two companies' managers ...

Working together for water
2021. 07. 13.

The EUREKA Network application E!13370-MUSEION got the EUREKA Certificate which has been endorsed by the EUREKA High Level Group on 02.07.2021.

The concept of the project, which aims to protect cultural heritage using by modern technologies, ...

Eureka Certificate for the Museion project
2021. 07. 02.


SWAM at the virtual green industry expo and conference

The main goal of the SWAM platform, which provides intelligent water management monitoring, is the efficient provision of water-related information, as well as the support and ...

Ökoindustria Virtual Green Expo & B2B
2021. 04. 28.

International Conference on Intelligent Agriculture and Artificial Intelligence

Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 21-22.01.2021.


Development of an Intelligent Decision Support System for Smart Viticulture

Monitor weather conditions, ...

Best Paper award for Disavit in Amsterdam
2021. 01. 21.

Development of an Intelligent decision support System for smArt VITiculture.

As a member of an international consortium, Seacon Europe has been funded under the Eurostars program to develop a smart decision support solution in the field of vi ...

Disavit – Intelligent decision support
2020. 10. 29.

Certificate for companies with the steadiest financial standing

In the Bisnode international company rating system, the financial stability and business reliability of all enterprises are rated based on a proven system that has been designed ...

Certificate for companies with...
2019. 08. 16.

Vehicle health and fraud detection for road transport

As a member of an international consortium, SEACON EUROPE successfully joined to the program „Az EUREKA programban való magyar részvétel támogatása (2018-2.1.3-EUREKA)” publi ...

FleetHealth - Eureka international project
2019. 05. 20.


Wellness Telecom (Spain)

Beia Consult International (Romania)

Seacon Europe (Hungary)
SWAM rationale

SWAM wants to support Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the implementation of EU initiatives (IEP Water) by prov ...

SWAM (Eurostars international proposal)
2019. 03. 13.

With the support of Innoskart Ltd. a staff member of Seacon Europe Ltd. participated in a commercial mission organized in Lima within the framework of the project called Natureef between 2 and 13 July 2017. He had more personal meetings with com ...

SeaForest in Perú
2017. 07. 20.

Application of the FIWARE GEs in IntelliFood


As our sensor-network based applications collect data and one of the uses of these data is checking them under conditions and sending alarms or notifications, so we aimed to use the Orio ...

Intellifood and Fiware
2016. 02. 05.

IntelliFood and the perishable foods in the light of questions

What are the unique selling points of the company?

Seacon Europe was founded in 2005 in Hungary. This SME, R&D intensive, develops customized software and out-of-bo ...

Intellifood in questions
2015. 07. 29.
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Wellness Telecom (Spain)

Beia Consult International (Romania)

Seacon Europe (Hungary)

SWAM rationale

SWAM wants to support Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the implementation of EU initiatives (IEP Water) by providing a robust, smart, effective and tailored water management system. SWAM addresses the need to develop the market of digital services for water management stakeholders with those expected impacts:

  • improve the decision making and performance of water infrastructures,
  • enhance interoperability and real-time data accuracy, and
  • reduce costs for water utilities and monitoring.

SWAM is a novel product for better environmental sustainability addressing a new market featured by emerging technologies. SWAM will offer an innovative end-to-end solution from Smart Probe to Smart Data Visualization and by considering ground-breaking aspects: multi-protocol for IoT connectivity, cybersecurity and traceability by design to provide a valuable tool for water management encompassing quality monitoring, safe and security aspects, decision support and cost-efficiency management.


SWAM digital services for better water management

Based on an integrated approach of the all value chain of water network, SWAM will deliver an end-to-end solution, including probes and services allowing the client to operate and control the principal actuators of a Water Distribution Network (including valves, pumps, dosing system, purges…) and improve the performance network. 

Main SWAM digital services are:

  • Advanced dashboard supporting decision-making where all useful information will be displayed in real time and composed of map-based business analytics, alarms e.g. for any interruption of the water supply or leak detection,
  • Real-time monitoring of the network for quality, consumptions, vulnerabilities detection or water losses prevention and solution,
  • Generation of traceability report,
  • Check and remote control: analytical view of the water composition controller and others parameters depending on the necessary of the clients: pressure, conductivity,
  • Assessment of environmental impact.

At hardware level, SWAM has this innovative objective:

  • To powerful an existing probe prototype into a new multi-parametric probe to measure the service quality of the Drinking Water Network covering the water quality (Free chlorine concentration, pH, temperature) and the quality of distribution vs. water leak (water losses, pressure, Redox potential).

SWAM added-value proposal


SWAM benefits

The solution is modular and scalable for basic to premium digital services digital services focusing on water management in Smart Cities (drinking water) and Smart Agriculture (irrigation). The main beneficiaries or the target clients are the wide range of operators of Water Distribution Networks. They can be private or public enterprises with the common aim at optimizing the operation of their networks. The installation of this solution will generate different benefits:

  • Real-time network monitoring,
  • Cost-efficient water distribution,
  • Energy-efficiency irrigation,
  • Better resources management and water quality control.
  • Improvement of the quality of the service and the client’s experience (QoS and QoE),
  • Reduction of the operational costs,
  • Reduction and optimization of the consumption (power, chemicals and other consumables),
  • Development of a better preventive maintenance, by means of audit services detecting vulnerabilities,

Better adaptability, Incremental adoption and easier expansion of the system by a modular design of the system.