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Information security

információbiztonság lakat laptop
One of the elemental truths of our age is that data wealth has become one of the most important corporate values and as such requires special protection. The method and necessity of protection are both affected by external and internal rules.
Data security threats
Companies’ fundamental internal interest is to properly manage the classic "confidentiality/integrity/availability" triple in the interest of the security of information asset. Threats can be manifested in the form of external attacks or internal abuses as well.
Necessity of compliance
Numerous international and domestic laws, recommendations specify requirements about the management of operational risk in organizations. For the compliance with these requirements it is essential to have detailed knowledge about security risks.
IT support for risk assessment and for compliance.
Process monitoring is the precondition of the fulfillment of the above criteria and for this an intelligent solution that collects the most widely possible and then analyzes the available operation data is absolutely needed.

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