Our specialists have adequate certificates (CISA, CISM), up to date knowledge and relevant experiences in the area of information security, in order to take part in:

  • information security survey
  • development and implementation of information security policies
  • development and implementation and education of information protection governance systems

Fraud exploration

We have collected diverse knowledge and experiences in the area of Fraud management:

  • we have different industry-specific event catalogues and Best Practice collection in several important business (telecom, banking, insurance, etc.)
  • we are able to explore the fraudulent events by using a proper tool and our data mining knowledge
  • we have the skills to plan, create, and operate fraud exploration systems


We have special knowledge about the compliance area, which let us participate in the activities below:

  • preparation for information security audits, supervisions, for complying with the several policies, requirements (PSZÁF, COBIT, Basel II, ISO27001, etc.)
  • lead complex, or partial information security audit
  • planning and lead the implementation of information security systems and subsystems, knowing the relevant compliance requirements