In the last few years, our specialists took part in several data warehousing projects based on different technology, both in the development and in the implementation side. To mention the MS platform, our two biggest references in MS are the Reynolds (AlcoaCSI) and the Hungarian Energy Office, but if we take into the consideration our minor projects, we built a data mart to the MFKK - Invention and Research Center Ltd.

We build our data warehouse systems along proper methodology, during the implementation we work with the following components:

  • transactional layer – business flow tasks support
  • data entering layer – data load, data authorization, data consistency
  • datawarehouse layer – data store, data systematization, data integration (subject orientated, integrated, time dependent, static, offline)
  • data publication layer – information analysis, where we often use ready-made BI solutions
  • complementary application layer – important data, regarding the data entering and data modification
  • Virgis, Business Objects, Oracle
  • Microsoft Analysis Service
  • Microsoft Riporting Service
  • Microsoft Olap
  • DW ismeretek több platformon (tervezésben, ETL-ben, üzemeltetésben egyaránt)
  • MQSeries